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About – Nomadic Adventure Club


TARA SAGE, Chief Navigator

Location-independent boss lady of all things design, communications, PR, marketing, and scheduling. Tara is also a speaker, author, life and business coach devoted to helping you create a life & business you don’t need a vacation from (www.tarasagecoaching.com). She lives full-time in an RV with her boyfriend and dog, traveling and working from the road.



REECY PAYNE, Director of Uncharted Waters & Global Alliance

Boss lady of all things boating, logistics, food, and fun. Reecy is also co-owner and operations manager of Payne-French Associates (www.payne-french.com) providing furnished “turn-key” property rentals in and around Knoxville, TN.




Tara’s boyfriend and RV-living companion, Carl is a remote-working systems analyst IT employee, and master of RV mechanics, logistics, and safety. Carl really knows his stuff.  He loves to share what he’s learned and compare notes with other RVers.




Reecy’s husband, IT executive and co-owner of Payne-French Associates, is an avid boat lover and talented musician. His band, The French Connection, a father and son-based musical group, covers all of your favorite classic, southern, and alternative rock tunes from a long list of top artists.




Renowned teacher, lifelong dancer and yoga practitioner with over 30 years experience. Sandy creates an encouraging and nurturing environment for all levels to share the joy of movement and the wellness of yoga, with correct technique and disciplines.





A musician, scientist, and spiritual seeker, Jan loves sharing Sound Healing and Harmony. The sound journey of gong baths and sound healing must be experienced to be understood. The perfect blend of science, music, and mysticism, sharing it satisfies Jan’s lifelong need and desire to help and support others.