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If Simplicity Was Easy, Everyone Would Have It – Nomadic Adventure Club

If Simplicity Was Easy, Everyone Would Have It

‘Simple’ and ‘easy’ are not at all the same thing. Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So true!

If you are craving more simplicity and adventure, and *less* complexity and monotony in your life, you are certainly not alone.

Ever think to yourself, “Stop the train. I want to get off.”?

Is your heart crying out for some ease and playtime and a reboot in your routine?

Some new surroundings for your soul to revel in?

New experiences to awaken new parts of yourself?

Eager for some fresh air, crisp water, warm sun, and the grounded sense of peace and ease that comes with QT in nature?

Are you open to making new friends?

Want to laugh and play with the favorite people in your life?

Want things to feel SIMPLE again?

I feel you.

And nothing does it like good fun, good food, and good company.

Hike, swim, boat, play.
Enjoy music around a campfire.
Maybe even singalong.
Take a nourishing outdoor yoga class.
Jump off a dock into refreshing lakewater.
Read a book in a hammock.
Raise a glass – to life, to new friends, and to fun in the sun.

Join us this July for this incredible 4-day one-of-a-kind event …

The Nomadic Adventure Club welcomes YOU!

We will come together, lakeside, in the foothills of the Tennessee Smokey Mountains for a gathering like no other.

Tickets are selling! Get yours!