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Nomadic Adventure Club Updates – Nomadic Adventure Club

Life Coach & Logistics Guru Host Nomadic Lifestyle Gathering

We are so honored to have been spotlighted in this article posted to Mobile RVing’s “The Buzz”, entitled: Life Coach & Logistics Guru Host Nomadic Lifestyle Gathering Who are the nomads of the 21stcentury? Is it the young, carefree couple who spends a long weekend glamping in a yurt under the desert sky and living […]

If Simplicity Was Easy, Everyone Would Have It

‘Simple’ and ‘easy’ are not at all the same thing. Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So true! If you are craving more simplicity and adventure, and *less* complexity and monotony in your life, you are certainly not alone. Ever think to yourself, “Stop the train. I want to get off.”? Is […]

Our RV Sponsor!

Reecy (Director of Uncharted Waters) and I (Chief Navigator) are so excited to announce that the lead sponsor for our Nomadic Adventure Club Tennessee event — happening this July in the foothills of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains — is Buddy Gregg!! www.buddygregg.com Kristen and the team at Buddy Gregg have been so wonderful to work […]

Reecy is Awesome.

First – if you haven’t already, I recommend reading the backstory of how Reecy and I first connected in 2010. You can find that story here. Reecy is, in a word, awesome. BUT – if I had to think of three words to describe Reecy, they would be: Generous Optimistic A-Master-of-Fun   🙂 Generous Generous would […]